The cost.

Every hobby costs money, but because it is a bit more than a hobby and I hope to eventually earn back my costs, I have decided to keep reasonably accurate track of what I need and what it costs. To begin the pilot project. The costs for this pilot project will never be earned back, but that does not matter. That falls under the category of hobby.

The pilot project.

Some items I have bought in higer quantities because I assume that the pilot is followed with a complete project and that in some cases the costs of transport are so high that it is occasionally interesting to buy more.

- Cells. The solar cells come from ebay. Search for "solar cells" on For the pilot, I have 100 cells of A- quality, including tin, flux and tabwire. The whole package cost me 179 bucks. This is paypal (ie insured) paid and the shipping cost 40 dollars. There was still some import tax of 32 Euro and clearance fee of 17 Euro. In total, therefore approximately 220/1.3 = 170 + 49 Euro is 219 Euro. It took almost two weeks before it arrived, this was due to TNT and customs.

- Sillicon sealant. The sealant that I ordered did not arrive. Instead I got an other sealant, but the specs were about the same. I searched for Silicone Universal 1001-U Zwaluw. And received Silicone-no Zwaluw. I ordered 4 because shipping costs were high. I could only find one company that sold 1001 to individuals. The order was made by The price of 4 tubes was 15.16 Euro and 15 Euro shipping by courier. The service was very good because they called to ask what color I wanted and then have 2 white and 2 transparent chosen. Slightly less than a week before it came. I found out that the Sillicone NO can be bought locally at Pontmeyer for a very good price so in the future I wont be ordering that on the internet.

- Silica Gel. In many forms for sale, but for consumers only limited. For pilot, I bought 5 bags of 2 grams. For 4.95 at the shop fotofilter and the cost for transport was 1.00 making it a total of 5.95. I bought white silica gel. There is also colored silica gel where the color shows you to see if it is saturated. This is fun but ften the dye that is used is carcinogenic. 

- Glass. through I found former gardeners glass. This glass has already been used horticulture but it is good glass. The glass is 4 mm thick and 165 * 73 cm. For this glass, I had to pay 4E per plate. In total I paid 70 Euro for 16 glass plates (of which two were a bit broken) and a glass cutter. I have 17 Euro for wood (OSB) sheets for transport. Because I couldnt find anything in the neighborhood I had to drive for a while and used approximately 10 Euro for petrol. The total is thus 107 Euro for 16 glass plates. My stock:

Glas voorraad in tuin

- Electric cable, 20 meters from Conrad. No shipping costs, a total of 20 Euro.

- Converter, Gridfit 250LV ordered. Total cost 174 Euro inlcuding cable and shipping. Purchased by pfixx through ad on marketplace.

- Consumption / Supply (Watts) Meter. At local store called Gamma for 9.99E. According to a test the most accurate meter, while the cheapest. Cresta RCE-1106. It can not be used for production just like it is !

- Distance holders. This sounds like a minor item, but is now revealed as very useful. Because I want tiles in the hallway, I was going to have crosses. During purchase, I opted for 3 mm between the glass plates as well, but now they appear to be useful for other things. The spacers are tile crosses the label of Hornbach, 3mm. Price I lost, but no more than a few dollars. They are more than 2.5 mm 3. In addition I use the 2.5 mm extent coincidentally while the width is indicated.

- Aluminum profiles. Ordered 15 * 15 * 15 * 2 U profile. An anodized, a normal and a flat bar of 30 by 2  mm anodized. Price is 42 Euro for aluminum and 17.50 for postage. There is two weeks production time for anodized aluminum and then delivery transportation (the aluminum is 6 meters).

The main project.

To make a good calculation, I decided to count as a panel board and what remains for cost. Therefore, an overview of the cost per panel:

Cells75 * 1.60 = 120EFor the cells I have a good deal (I think). Per panel 72 are necessary but I always break a few. The price is per 1.60E cell.
Glass2 * 4 = 8EUsed horticultural glass in this moment my favorite. Through a fellow builder is looking to buy "solar" glass but it costs about 32E per meter and at this moment I doubt if it is worth the money. Offers many advantages such as higher yield, hardened and "new".
Sealant4EApproximately one tube per panel is required. Pont Meyer sells this sealant which is around the corner.
Silica Gel1EI use one bag per panel
Glassband2EBought at hornbach.
Electric wire4 * 2 = 8E2E a meter, and I think that an average of 4 meters per panel meets.
Aluminium5 * 1.60 = 8E5 meter a 1.6 per meter 15x15x15x2.0
Total151EThis is only the panel, without inverter costs.

Additional requirements:

- Roofconnection / Click Fit
- Converter, 900E for Gridfit 2200
- Extra costs such as electricity installation 100E

Dakruimte. Pan seems high at 33 to 15 wide. 25 pans in the middle skylight, max width 3.75. Roof tiles high is 18, so 594, so max 3 high, and possibly 3 transversely. Max width roof is 5 meters.

18 panels should be possible, but it is full. 6, 5, 5 and 2 crosswise. 2268 Wp.
3 * 165 + 73 + spacing 3 * 5 = 583, which is really tight :-) spacing is excessive, 2 or 3 cm is enough. clickfit 8 rails. panbeugels how much? 18 * 2 + 8 = 44 = ~ 187E + 2 * 6 * 75 + 4 * 5 * 75 2 * 2 * 175 = 4000 = 40 meters = E367 + ~ 50 Euro screws. That is over 600 Euro for mounting on the roof.